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Top tips on staying efficient at home

Staying energy efficient at home is the first step to helping the environment and trying to reverse the devastating effects of climate change. For those who wish to change their ways, but are unsure of where to start, this guide will help you along the way. Find out more about climate change.

Insulating your premises

Recent statistics have been released and has concluded that UK homes waste £500 million when they heat their homes up and energy has escaped through poorly insulated walls and roofs. Research has also claimed that homes could save £160 each year if their insulation was secure.  Insulating your home is simple, easy and definitely cost effective for your home!

Changing the way we do business

As well as the instant low energy benefits, automatic doors like this can also save money on your heating bills through a reduction in unnecessary heat loss.

For anyone who has worked in a shop, having the door opening and closing slowly is a cold experience which is not ideal for your shoppers.

Using heating blowers above the door is one solution but this is both expensive to install and costly to run. There is an added disadvantage of your customers being blasted b hot air the minute they step into the premises.

Low energy auto doors steadily paying back the initial installation cost. This also has the benefit of reducing any air conditioning wastage that could be caused by fully automatic doors or keeping a manual door propped open. More.

Updating household windows

For those stylish homes that have rooflights or are looking to invest in these stunning designs, then ensure you are purchasing energy efficient ones with a low U Value rating.

Double glazing is the ultimate choice for saving energy bills, it makes such a difference to the warmth inside your house and you will be able to tell right away! Double glazed windows help to trap heat inside the home, so you will save money in the long run. Discover double glazing.

Solar panel installation

Solar panels can help you to provide 40% of your total energy consumption. Photovoltaic cells allow you to generate your own energy, as well as earning a profit as you can sell some of your energy back to the Natural Grid. See: Is your home suitable for solar power?

This is a great way of doing your bit for the environment at no extra cost, of course, once the solar panels have been installed. However, it is estimated that you make a return on the money through savings from energy bills within the first two years.

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