Posted by on February 24, 2017

The straightforward way to think about this is that you have the heating on in your home and that heat is escaping the property which then makes it cold again. The simple solution to this is insulation. There are two main types of insulation; loft insulation & cavity / wall insulation.

Putting your mind at ease

There is a false belief for many people that insulation is a long and expensive process but let us put your mind to rest.

The length of time that loft installation takes depends on the size of the property, any previous installation that needs to be removed and obstacles e.g. a loft full of things. In the majority of cases your wall insulation will be installed in a matter of hours.

The cost

In the England, Scotland and Wales there is a number of free home insulation schemes and insulation grants which you could be eligible for. Over 95% of areas in the UK are eligible for free, loft and cavity all insulation, find out if you’re eligible here.

Benefits of cavity wall insulation

Without a grant, wall insulation can cost anything between £300 – £800 depending on the size of the property; although this can be expensive it will be an investment. If you get your whole home insulated it can go up a whole level on the energy efficiency rating.

For example if you have a detached four bedroom home and you get every room insulated you will make your money back in less than three years and then after that you will be saving money on your energy bills.



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