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Make the change to solar power and get a much more efficient electricity supply for your home.

Is Solar Power Suitable for my Home?

You can use PV systems for a building with a roof or wall that faces within 90 degrees of south, as long as no other buildings or large trees overshadow it. If the roof surface is in shadow for parts of the day, the output of the system decreases.

PV arrays now come in a variety of shapes and colours, ranging from grey ‘solar tiles’ that look like roof tiles to panels and transparent cells that you can use on conservatories and glass to provide shading as well a generating electricity.

If you would like to know more about what it takes to install solar cells and the qualifications that are required.

Solar panels are not light and the roof must be strong enough to take their weight, especially if the panel is placed on top of existing tiles.

In England, changes to permitted development rights for microgeneration technologies introduced on 6th April 2008 have lifted the requirements for planning permission for most solar PV installations. Roof mounted and stand-alone systems can now be installed in most dwellings, as long as they respect certain size criteria. Exceptions apply for Listed Buildings, and buildings in Conservation Areas and World Heritage Sites.

In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the developed governments are currently all considering changes to their legislation on permitted developments, to facilitate installations of microgeneration technologies, including solar PV. Legislation is expected in all three countries later this year. Until then householders in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland must consult with their local authority regarding planning permission.

If you would like to also know what kind of solar heating systems are available as an alternative to electricity you can do so here.

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